Introduction of the company


Barkat Al-Sehe Company was established in 2014 in Iraq in order to have more active presence of Barekat pharmaceutical Group companies and the country’s pharmaceutical industry in the regional market of neighboring countries, especially in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Export of medicines, pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical and food supplements, medical equipment and supplies, and participation in the investment and construction of a drug production plant in the target countries are among the activities of Barkat Al-Sehe Company. By preparing and implementing the company’s strategic plan, we believe that whatever have planted in the pharmaceutical industry by generations before us is now bearing fruit, and the name of Barkat Al-Sehe Company should be the reminder of excitement, pride and enthusiasm in the country’s pharmaceutical industry and the protection of the tireless efforts that have been made in the pharmaceutical industry from generation to generation. Barkat Al-Sehe Company intends to expand its international interactions in order to globalize Iran’s pharmaceutical industry with the priority of neighboring countries, in a way that over a period of ten years the company will try to link about 10 percent of the Iranian drug market to neighboring countries through registration, product export, technical and educational cooperation and production in neighboring countries.


In order to realize the vision, the main goals of Barkat Al-Sehe Company are as follow:

  1. Presence in the markets of neighboring countries (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan and CIS countries)
  2. Representing the active companies in the Iranian pharmaceutical industry in the above countries
  3. being active in the field of medical equipment
  4. Registration, marketing and sale of products of pharmaceutical companies in the above countries
  5. Co-production of medicine in the above countries